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Kerri has been amazing to work with throughout my pregnancy and postpartum. She is so patient and caring and has been such a pleasure to have by my side  during this exciting life event. She is so knowledgeable and has shared so much important information with my husband and I regarding best practices for caring for our little  one. She has also been a blessing with postpartum help with the baby as well as with taking care of household needs/chores as well. I highly recommend Kerri! 


It was wonderful having Kerri to help and advise us, both during and after my pregnancy.  Having her as our Doula gave my partner and I a great sense of calm, just knowing that we had someone like her in our corner was comforting. When my Dr. decided we needed a c section she was right there before and after to answer our questions, assist with post partum recovery, nursing advice, and infant care. We love Kerri <3


Kerri was recommended to me by my OBGYN half way through my pregnancy. Kerri met with me and my husband to get to know her better and ask her any questions we had about her services as a doula. She did a great job of explaining her services and commitment to my pregnancy. She met with me on different occasions before the birth to go over important information such as my expectations during labor, breastfeeding techniques and what to expect during the first few weeks of parenting. During my labor she was a phenomenal coach. She came as soon as she could once my water broke, knew of great positions to help facilitate the labor, reminded me of my breathing techniques to help with the pain and was positive and encouraging as my contractions progressed. She even followed up after the birth via text and another in-person visit to make sure baby was latching and answer any other questions I had as a new parent. She is kind, supportive, personable, and takes the time to get to know her clients to make them feel as comfortable as possible during such a monumental life event. I would definitely recommend Kerri to others who are looking for a doula that supports whatever birthing experience they want. She is open minded and willing to make adjustments based on her client’s needs. This was my first pregnancy and I cannot imagine having a successful vaginal birth without Kerri.


I will not be having anymore children without the help of Kerri Torres. She has been amazing from the beginning and even after the birth if my daughter continues to be tremendous help. Kerri is not only supportive physically but emotionally. Not only is she a wonderful Doula but a lactation consultant. Our growing family will always be grateful. Yay Mommy Wombmates!! Thank you Kerri!


Kerri is simply amazing! From the moment we met I knew that Kerri and I would get along great and that she was the perfect match for my husband and I to have with us in the delivery room. We found out at 32 weeks that our baby was breech. We were really hoping that she would go head down. At each visit she remained breech and Kerri helped me to research and support ways in which to help facilitate a baby to go head down. She even say with me while I cried one afternoon because I was going through the motions and having to come to terms with the fact that I may end up with a c/s. It wasn't what I wanted or had envisioned, but Kerri was able to relate and even make me feel at ease if that's what had to happen. Well, at 37 weeks our little one decided to make her debut and was still breech. At the point a c/s was our only option. Kerri came to the hospital to check on my husband and I to see if there was anything we needed. She didn't have to do that because she knew that she wouldn't be able to be there with us for delivery. I know that Kerri cares. She cares a lot about her doula families.We have continued to remain in contact. I am hopeful to be able to VBAC my next baby, and if I do, I want Kerri there. She will forever have a special place in my heart and I will forever be grateful for the support, knowledge and love she has showed to my family. 


On May 28th, 2016 we welcomed our son Lincoln into the world with the outstanding help and coaching of our doula, now good friend, Kerri Torres! She was apart of a very important event for our family and we can not thank her enough for everything! Kerri was such a wonderful support throughout my whole pregnancy! It was such a relief knowing I had someone there when I had questions or needed assistance.

I knew from the moment I called and talked to Kerri that she was the doula for me! She is knowledgeable, kind and patient. She had knowledge on the essential oils I wanted to use for our natural birth as well as other natural birth goals. She knew how to help me through my back labor and kept me moving. She had all the tools needed. She helped coach alongside my significant other during the whole labor and helped him feel more involved. We were able to stay on track with our birth plan and have the natural birth we had hoped for in a hospital setting. This is our second child and hubby was skeptical on hiring a doula since he felt we already knew what to do, but he quickly noticed the difference having Kerri with us. He told me shortly after coming home from the hospital that we made the right choice having Kerri and he wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Her support did not end with labor, she is a lactation consultant and she has helped so much on our breastfeeding journey. Our son had a four day stay in the NICU, Kerri was quick to help me with pumping and getting my supply ready for my little man. She was able to keep me strong through a stressful time.

Kerri is not only a wonderful doula, she is even more a great supporter and friend when needed. Kerri is not just a doula for first time parents, we still learned SO much having her!


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Kerri Torres was incredible to work with.  She was patient, kind, helpful, informative and made me feel comfortable through the whole process.  She was also very knowledgeable.  She was an advocate, a friend, a coach, and a fighter.  She made it possible for me to have the VBAC I had dreamed of.  She helped pushed me to not get the epidural (which I had asked her to do beforehand) but when I was truly ready for it, she supported me and helped keep labor moving by moving me around through different positions.  She was a lifeline during pushing by both describing to me exactly how to push and by being by my side and coaching me through.  I will hire her again for every child I have.  She also was a huge help postpartum with breastfeeding and many other things.  She had a lasting impact on my life and I'm forever grateful for her help in getting my sweet baby girl here via a dream birth!  I HIGHLY recommend her!  Worth every penny and so much more!


Kerri was a life saver. I wish I had her for our first child. She helped me become a better breast feeder. She helped me stay sane, two kids under a year is pure craziness. If I had a third I would hire her again. She always has the best advice that made post partum months easier and happier. I still call on her to answer off the wall questions because she herself is a super mom And has all the answers or at least where to find them if for some reason she doesn't. Seriously the best thing to come out of going to a pregnancy and baby convention was meeting her. 


Kerri was absolutely incredible from start to finish! She was with me every step of the way during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and now still even 8 months postpartum! She is kind, caring, supportive, and was a perfect fit to help us welcome our baby girl into the world. My labor was over 30 hours, and Kerri met us at the hospital twice before we were admitted and was there encouraging and helping me through all the contractions. It was such a blessing to have her advice, wisdom, and aid along the way. My husband was very grateful as well to have her with us! Kerri is a genuine person and amazing doula. I would recommend her without a doubt!


I just had my baby on 6/6/2015. I am a first time mom had to conceive via ivf and had a high risk pregnancy .My husband and I wanted our labor and delivery to be smooth being that it was our first time we wanted to have someone knowledgeable that can help us make the best decisions. So we decided to hire Kerri as our Doula . The day before I had to be induced which was on a Thursday they sent me home that day I was back in the hospital Friday morning at 10 am and finally had my baby boy on Saturday at 3:30 pm. Kerri was with us the entire time ! She help me stay focused and know that soon I would hold my baby. Kerri is super professional she came to our home before the delivery to go over  our birth plan and answered all of our questions . At first my husband was skeptical about hiring a Doula now he says that was the best thing we ever did. I can't say enough about Kerri she is amazing! I am so happy she was a part of our special moment we now consider her family  . I will recommend her to anyone.


Kerri attended my birth at Winnie Palmer this November.  I am a first time mom to a little girl, Aubree.  Kerri was there every step of the way to help.  I was induced and the whole process took six days.  She was there from the moment of induction to the wonderful birth of my baby girl.  She kept me from pulling my hair out during the waiting times, helped me make the most informed decisions, and reassured me that I was doing great. She helped my husband tremendously too, giving him breaks and telling him how to make me the most comfortable.  I really wasn't sure how I felt about having a stranger in the delivery room but Kerri is no stranger; she makes you feel comfortable immediately.  She met with us several times before "go time" to go over birth plans and positions for childbirth.  I would recommend Kerri to everyone.  My daughter's birth story wouldn't be complete without her!